CKD’s technology recognized in Japan and around the world

Automatic pharmaceutical packaging system

Conserving energy and resources.
Eco-friendly automatic pharmaceutical packaging system.

CKD has the most advanced machinery for automating the pharmaceutical packaging process, and has captured the top share of the domestic market. We have been well accepted and trusted by customers for our eco-friendly products for the way they reduce the environmental load by enabling energy-savings and resource-savings.


Food packaging system

Packaging system for maximum safety and hygiene

The CFF-360E series pursues comfort and user-friendliness. With it, CKD delivers the sealing performance, safety, hygiene, and operability, while conserving resources with lids and container films at the same time.


Lithium-ion battery winding machine

Winding machines that pursue high precision and protection from foreign matter

This machine manufactures the core element of lithium-ion batteries at high speed and to a high degree of precision. It is used for various batteries from small power sources for cellphones and PCs to large batteries for hybrid cars, fuel cell cars, etc.


3D solder printing inspection machine

Pursuing speed and precision to reduce the defect rate of printed circuit boards

Amidst continuous downsizing and progressively higher levels of densification of printed circuit boards, CKD is helping to reduce the defect rate on production lines with our proprietary inspection capabilities derived from 3D image processing and inspection speeds at the top level of the industry.


Lighting production system

Cold cathode fluorescent lamp production line
that has captured the top share of the global market

We boast the world’s best technology in the field of light bulb, fluorescent lamp, and automotive light manufacture. CKD is currently developing these technologies for the electron tube manufacturing field.