Requests for Business Partners

Three Basic Principles

1.Respect for Human Rights and Consideration for Occupational Health and Safety

We expect business partners to respect the basic human rights related to employment and labor, and to have a safe and comfortable work environment.

2.Observation of Laws and Social Norms

We expect business partners to comply in full with applicable laws and social norms in all the countries and regions where business operations take place.

3.Be Eco-Friendly

We encourage business partners to show consideration for “environmental conservation” and the “creation of sustainable society” in promoting and engaging in business activities.

Requests regarding Material Procurement

1.Sound Business Management

To build mutual understanding and trust, CKD encourages the business partners to maintain and promote a sound and fair business management system. Also, we ask that appropriate information regarding management policy and status be disclosed.

2.Optimal Quality

For our customers’ satisfaction, CKD expects our business partners to procure materials that meet our quality standards. In case there is any change in your materials, please promptly provide the information and change request as per our corporate standards.

3.Stable Supply of Materials and Continuation of Business

In order for us to stably supply products to customers, business partners must deliver materials and products on time. Also, we expect business partners to identify and manage risks for the purpose of business continuation.

4.Technological Improvement and Technical Proposal

As a part of meeting our customers’ needs, we encourage business partners to continually improve their technological capabilities and propose creative and innovative technologies and products.

5.Development of Management System

One of the following two is required: to acquire both ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environment) certification, or to develop an environmental management system that is pursuant to those standards.

6.Protection of Confidential Information

Our business partners must prevent leaks of not only confidential information obtained through business transactions with CKD and other companies but also personal information of other business partners and employees.

7.Protection of Intellectual Properties

We expect business partners to protect your own intellectual property, to respect the intellectual property of third parties, and not to engage in fraud or infringement.

8.Position on Conflict Minerals

We encourage business partners to cooperate with CKD’s business activities and research into removing “conflict minerals” (*) from products. Also, we expect business partners not to use conflict minerals in your business operations.
(*) “Conflict minerals” include tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold that are produced in Congo and its neighboring countries, and are sources of funding for armed groups.